Cleaning up

As you can see I made some modifications to the blog. I figured all the shattered WIP threads are not really serving the clarity so I merged them.


Late news

March 17 I attended “Starter” where newly gathered teams were supposed to create the idea for a game. Not only our team managed to came out with fully functional prototype but also win the event 🙂

Our game is a sentimental journey back in time when few toys and proper carpet were enough to have an awesome time with friends. I like the idea of those cool tablet devices actually bringing people together rather than splitting them apart. Anyway it was a ton of fun and still is, since we keep working on the game. We are going to show a final version on Pixel Heaven festival (‎)

Still a life

We have a winner 🙂


I have two versions that pretend the title of final.



I am almost there, I just need to fake a little rim light on the grapes and glass and it’s going to be just as I want it.


This might be it.


Almost there.


I think this is as close as it gets to be.


Modifications to scene lighting. Too dark =.=”


The final test render is done. Now I need to fix couple of things that occurred in the final resolution and hopefully I’ll call it quits. I think it’ll work with just a slight compositing as it is now.


Fixed the grapes.


I’m finished with objects on the scene, materials and compositing are still to be done. Especially radioactive  grapes 😉


Almost done with objects, some tinkering with materials and lighting was involved. I made an attempt in compositing too, not much tho, just some color correction.

wip_10 wip_10_1

Some minor modifications.


I modeled the plum stem and worked on grapes stems shaders. Also there are some modifications to marble spec map but they didn’t quite work. Green grapes color are mingled with previous versions.


And time for filing the scene once again. I’m still not satisfied with shaders but there will be time for that at the end.


Couple more tweaks to the materials.


Step forward in filling the scene.


I made a little progress in lighting and overall scene setup. Touched the marble shader but grape shaders are still killing me.


Working on grapes shader.



New project on the way, got a little tired of last work.

Micro world WIP

So, as I planned in previous post I made the water “manually”. It’s mostly displacement modifier and some dyntopo sculpting. I’m still working on emitters to mimic some foamy/misty effect.



Well, I went into 2 day rabbit hole with liquid simulation and end up with unsatisfying effects :/

I’ll try to bake ocean sim to plane for the “flat” water parts, than sculpt and and use some patricles for the waterfall. This should do, I will have full control over outcome and I’m sure it’ll go much faster. Hopefully I’ll be able to show some render soon 😉

Liquid sim effects bellow. Rest of the particle work and overall look went a step back since I remeshed the base of the planet and didn’t put too much work into texturing and shaders.

Wow that is a long post for my standards 🙂



I’m starting this little scene, original concept by deviant artist wojtryb.