Micro world WIP

So, as I planned in previous post I made the water “manually”. It’s mostly displacement modifier and some dyntopo sculpting. I’m still working on emitters to mimic some foamy/misty effect.



Well, I went into 2 day rabbit hole with liquid simulation and end up with unsatisfying effects :/

I’ll try to bake ocean sim to plane for the “flat” water parts, than sculpt and and use some patricles for the waterfall. This should do, I will have full control over outcome and I’m sure it’ll go much faster. Hopefully I’ll be able to show some render soon 😉

Liquid sim effects bellow. Rest of the particle work and overall look went a step back since I remeshed the base of the planet and didn’t put too much work into texturing and shaders.

Wow that is a long post for my standards 🙂



I’m starting this little scene, original concept by deviant artist wojtryb.



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