Sculpting head

So I made final topology and baked normals from hi-res.

Sculpt on the right, remesh with normal map on left.


I changed the shape of the lips and now I’m at the point of adding some tiny details like pores and minor wrinkles.


Changed location of ears, added some details. Working on lips and brows Minor changes all around the face.


This should give me some decent geometry to sculpt further. It was also a good introduction to face topology. Now I noticed thet upper lip is too flat, It should be easy to fix sculpting with the new mesh.

Next time I retopo it, I’ll pay more attention to proper edge flow and so on. One step at the time 😉


I run out of geometry in some places so i’m making sort of mid poly retopo in order to be able to sculpt further on. Beginnings are hard… and tedious…


I’m progressing… I guess. This guy is making me realize how much I managed to forget about human anatomy. If I’m able to pull one sculpt once every 2-3 days I’ll be back in shape in approximately… eternity 😀


I realized that I barely know what sculpting in Blender works like. First of all… I have no idea what I’m doing…

And this is partial result from my sandbox 😀  I’ll keep them coming!


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